After a white resin floor was installed in the new Headquarters at One New Change in London’s St Pauls, it was felt that the finish was too cold and clinical and not the impression they wanted to give to clients on their arrival.

We had already installed 1,500 sq.m. of Bolon tiles in the main fit-out which had taken place a few months previously. Ranne Interiors, the main contractor, called us and asked if we could install Bolon over the top of the resin to reduce any disruption a change in floor finish would cause. 

It was decided that Bolon Missoni Flame would give the perfect impression, with its dramatic appearnce combining both a linear effect running the length of the design with waves sweeping across the reception with stunning effect.

At close of business one Friday evening, our team moved in to do what we do best……………….. by the time everyone arrived back to work on Monday morning a transformation had taken place and the results as you can see were amazing !!