Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, Bridge House was a renovation project where we installed carpets, wooden flooring, natural stone and porcelain tiles to wall and floors. In addition we restored some century’s old elm floor boards.

As the main house originated from the early 1500’s, a sympathetic approach was required regarding the choices of the new flooring installed.

The Bridge House wood carpet and stone 017IMG_2753

We sourced a very wide, unfinished, engineered board for theĀ  ground floor living areas and distressed them by hand. Then applied a black stain which was mostly sanded off to leave it only in the pits, dents, grooves and corners. This was enriched with a medium oak stain to give it a beautiful warm appearance and finally fnished with two coats of hard wax oil to bring out all of the natural colour and provide a long lasting layer of protection and a deep satin sheen.


The stone flooring in the kitchen, Summer room, Entrance hall and bathrooms were sourced from Fired Earth and Indigenous Stone. These further enhanced the mix of traditional values and modern appearance and practicality needed to cope with a busy household.

The Bridge House wood carpet and stone 056The Bridge House wood carpet and stone 048

The beautiful woollen carpets in the bedrooms, staircases and landings were carefully selected by the owners to add light and a sense of tranquillity to the upper floors of the beautiful old house.

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